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June 21, 2011
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The Truth - Original Video
(all versions on youtube are subsequent)
Thank you so much

to :heart: NAEL T El.Qtati :heart:

Original Video On Youtube:…


Music: My Only Wish(interlude)
by Sami Yusuf's Nasheed
feat. voice Musarrat Karim
album: Without You

© Awakening Media and Sami Yusuf
(granted permission for this video)

كل ما تملكونه من الجيوش، كل ما تملكونه من المقاتلين..
كل ما تملكونه من الدبابات، وجميع جنودكم..
ضد صبي يحمل حجر..
يقف وحيدا هناك..
في عينيه أرى الشمس..
في ابتسامته أرى القمر..
وأتساءل، وأتساءل فقط..؟؟
من هو الضعيف، ومن هو القوي..؟
من هو على حق، ومن هو الخطأ..؟
وأود، أود فقط..
ان يكون للحقيقة لسان..!!....

"All your armies, all your fighters
All your tanks, and all your soldiers
Against a boy holding a stone
Standing there all alone
In his eyes I see the sun
...In his smile I see the moon
And I wonder, I only wonder
Who is weak, and who is strong?
Who is right, and who is wrong?
And I wish, I only wish
That the truth has a tongue..!!"

"Tutti i tuoi eserciti, tutti i vostri combattenti
Tutti i vostri carri armati e tutti i tuoi soldati
Contro un ragazzo in possesso di un sasso
Lì impiedi tutto solo...
Nei suoi occhi vedo il sole
Nel suo sorriso vedo la luna
E mi chiedo, mi domando soltanto
Chi è debole, e che è forte?
Chi ha ragione e chi ha torto?
E vorrei, vorrei solo
Che la verità sia una lingua..!!"

"Tous vos armées, tous vos combattants
Tous vos tanks, et tous vos soldats
Contre un garçon tenant une pierre
Debout là tout seul
Dans ses yeux je vois le soleil
... Dans son sourire, je vois la lune
Et je me demande, je me demande seulement
Qui est faible, et qui est fort?
Qui a raison, et qui a tort?
Et je souhaite, je souhaite seulement
Que la vérité est une langue..!!"

"Todos sus ejércitos, todos los combatientes
Todos los tanques, y todos sus soldados
En contra de un niño sosteniendo una piedra
Allí de pie, completamente solo
En sus ojos veo el sol
... En la sonrisa que veo la luna
Y yo me pregunto, me pregunto sólo
Que es débil, y que es fuerte?
¿Quién tiene razón y quién está equivocado?
Y deseo, sólo deseo
Que la verdad tiene una lengua..!!"

"All deine Armeen, alle Kämpfer
Alle Ihre Tanks, und alle deine Soldaten
Gegen einen Jungen mit einem Stein
Standing ganz allein da
In seinen Augen sehe ich die Sonne
... In seinem Lächeln sehe ich den Mond
Und ich frage mich, Ich frage mich nur
Wer ist schwach, und wer ist stark?
Wer hat Recht und wer Unrecht?
Und ich wünsche, ich wünschte nur,
Dass die Wahrheit hat eine Zunge..!!"

"Όλοι οι στρατοί σας, όλων των αγωνιστών σας
Όλες οι δεξαμενές σας, και όλους τους στρατιώτες σας
Σε ένα αγόρι που κατέχουν ένα πέτρινο
Μόνιμη υπάρχει όλος μόνος
Στα μάτια του βλέπω τον ήλιο
... Το χαμόγελό του βλέπω το φεγγάρι
Και αναρωτιέμαι, μόνο εγώ αναρωτιέμαι
Ποιος είναι αδύναμη, και ο οποίος είναι ισχυρή;
Ποιος έχει δίκιο και ποιος είναι λάθος;
Και θα ήθελα, ήθελα μόνο
Αυτή η αλήθεια έχει μια γλώσσα..!!"

© Nael T El.Qtati. All rights reserved
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@00:57Ma sha' Allah!! Very impressive indeed!:clap:
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@00:57More than Amazing!
May Allah be with those who are suffering in Palestine and all over the world...
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@00:57Very cool and Peace Inspiring just don't forget guys, behind this kids with Small rocks there might be a very large Dude with AK-47 or Lats of money and a camera.And being Polish and some one who lived thru Martial Law I'M probably wrong but i don't think its Gorgeous or Beautiful to risk some kids life just to make a political point while hiding behind thick wall.Man do war, Kids play war :) As for your work, is very well edited and put together. Like I said "Peace Inspiring". :) Sorry for any filings I may have sturd up :)
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