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I am your Miracle

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Daily Deviation
Given 2010-08-11
The suggester writes
"A nightmare conceived in an exact manner.."
and with this image,
it really is a journey into dark dreams.
The Nightmare by StudioPitchArt
suggested by Quadraro and featured by conzpiracy

Daily Deviation
Given 2012-11-10
Silent World of Majority by Ananyana
suggested by Quadraro and featured by DemonMathiel

Daily Deviation
Given 2013-02-27
Celtic warrior back tattoo design by Tattoo-Design
suggested by Quadraro and featured by princepal

Daily Deviation
Given 2014-12-02
El Cancer de Mexico by MudosFonemas
suggested by Quadraro and featured by tanikel

World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 12:43 PM
★ EZLN and CNI ★

invited everyone to the

read full invitation:

English - Spanish - Deutsch - Italian

To the brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth:

In the gathering of our peoples in the Exchange between Zapatista Peoples
and the National Indigenous Congress “David Ruíz Garcia,”
we shared with each other our pain as well as our words
and experiences of struggle, rebellion, and resistance.

Together we know that within our rebellions is our “NO”
to the politics of destruction that capitalism carries out across the world.
And we know that within our resistances are the seeds of the world that we want.

These rebellions and resistances are not just those of the indigenous peoples of Mexico.
They are also found in the footsteps of the originary peoples
across the continent and in all corners of the earth where individuals,
groups, collectives, and organizations not only say “NO” to destruction,
but go about constructing something new.

In this exchange, which we know has been possible largely due
to the support of brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth,
we confirm that our mother earth, giver of all life on the planet,
is in danger, and thus all of humanity is also.
We see that it is neoliberal capitalism that has caused all of this pain,
destruction, and death, and which has dispossessed,
exploited, disrespected, and repressed us.

In defense of mother earth and in the struggle
for humanity and against neoliberalism, no struggle is small.

Brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth,
we know that this savage and deathly capitalism is not invincible.
We have learned this from the Zapatista experience
and from the rebellions and resistances
that bloom all over the planet whose pain is our pain,
whose struggles are our struggles, and who dreams are our dreams.

So we want to share with you the words, experiences, paths,
and collective decision that a world where many worlds fit is possible.
As we are concretizing the steps toward this dream,
it is necessary to share with each other what we are thinking,
to listen to each other in order to understand our struggles
and our rebellions and learn from our forms of resistance.

Propaganda to spread
World Festival of
Rebellions and Resistances
of the  EZLN CNI LaSexta

We invite you to copy and forward this material... Copy Left !!

download from: Flickr Espejio30 Website Facebook

Composit Poster by Quadraro

The peoples, tribes, and nations assembled here have agreed to carry out,
in cooperation with you the

“First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions Against Capitalism”

with the theme

“Where Those Above destroy, We below Rebuild”

“Donde Los De Arriba destruyen Los de Abajo Reconstruimos”

Help us  to spread and disseminate the

"World Festival of Rebellions and Resistances"

on any social media, through posters in the street,
your friends and associations

Heart Heartfelt Thanks to everyone who help us Heart 

@FestivalRyR on Twitter

Enlace Zapatista Website

Soraidh - Farewell

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 26, 2014, 10:03 AM


February 22, 2014

*aillse... ach...
Ní mbiodh eagla orm
Far am bi mi fhìn bidh mo dhòchas ann
Fortan leat a thu-uile duine

*...... ... but...
I will not be afraid
Where I will be my hope lies
Good Luck to all of you

*...... ... ma...
Io non avrò paura
Sarò dove le speranze saran vane
Buona Fortuna a tutti voi

* aillse - scottish gaelic

:bulletred: uile duine bàsaich, ach uile duine sàr bith :bulletred:

:bulletwhite: all men die, not all men truly live :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: tutti gli uomini muoiono, non tutti gli uomini realmente vivono :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: tous les hommes meurent, tous les hommes ne vivent vraiment :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: όλοι οι άνθρωποι πεθαίνουν, δεν είναι όλοι οι άνθρωποι πραγματικά ζουν :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: todos los hombres mueren, no todos los hombres verdaderamente vivos :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: alle Menschen sterben, aber nicht alle Menschen leben wirklich :bulletwhite:

- William Wallace -

- Touch of Misery -
I've dreamed many dreams
that never came true
I've seen them vanish at dawn
But I've realized
enough of my dreams thank the Lord
To make me want to dream on

I've prayed many prayers
when no answers came
Though I waited so patient and long
But answers have come
to enough of my prayers
To make me keep praying on

I've trusted many a friend that failed
And left me to weep alone
But I've found enough
of my friends that are really true
That will make me keep trusting on

I've sown many seeds
that have fallen by the way
For the birds to feed upon
But I've held enough
golden sheaves in my hand
To make me keep sowing on

I've drunk from the cup
of disappointment and pain
I've gone many days without song
But I've sipped enough
nectar from the Roses of Life
To make me keep living on
(Poet Unknown)

Pavel Pukhov P183 - R.I.P.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 3:26 AM

★ You are and will be forever a STAR ★

"Expressing your opinion is a form of civil defense"

"My mission was to encourage the opposition movement,
to let people know they are not alone in this

His 'code name' could be mistaken for the name of a rifle: P183.
The covert graffiti artist, often referred to as "the Russian Banksy", has died.

Pavel won recognition as the creator of provocative art works scattered across Moscow

The details and conditions of the "Russian Banksy's" death will not be released,
the production company Pavel worked for, said in the statement.

Preliminary theories, however, rapidly spread online
with people saying that the graffiti artist hanged himself.
At the same time the media,
referring to street art group "310"
said he was poisoned.  

Not much known about the artist who preferred not to disclose
his name and signed his works like P183,
besides his name – Pavel Pukhov - and age 29.

P183 went international after several British,
American and French dailies published photographs of his works,
saying his 'guerilla' tactics of painting street murals
were similar to those used by iconic British nonconformist Banksy.

However, P183 didn't take the comparison as a compliment,
noting he had been shaping his signature style for the past 14 years.

The mysterious figure, allegedly in his late 20s,
preferred to cover his tracks and hide his face
with a black balaclava to remain anonymous.

A can of spray paint never failed him,
helping the up-and-coming artist share his ideas
with those who kept their eyes wide open.

"Put simply, I want to teach people in this country
to tell lies from the truth and to tell bad from good

he said in an interview with Russia Today television,
wearing a black ski mask that covered most of his face.

"This is what our people still cannot do"

Despite all that, he said he did not consider himself a political artist
and hated politics just as much as he hated advertising.

"With my work, I want to communicate certain ideas to people."

The artist has claimed to have had many professions since graduating from a university,
working as a computer expert, photographer, cameraman,
film director and even child psychiatrist.

He scoffed at comparisons to Banksy, saying they belittled his own style.

"Like poets who put their thoughts and reflections onto paper, I want mine to be heard."

"What is culture? Culture - a system of prohibitions"

"If I die tomorrow, I can at least feel that I have left something real behind."

Pavel Pukhov - Павел Пухов - P183
August 11, 1983 - April 1, 2013


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 7:46 PM
Free Derry

Saint Patrick

The Petrol Bomber

Palestine Ribbon by QuadraroSolidarityPalestine Ribbon by Quadraro

Bloody Sunday

Palestine Ribbon by QuadraroPalestinePalestine Ribbon by Quadraro

Dunluce Castle

Free Derry

Palestine Ribbon by QuadraroHunger StrikePalestine Ribbon by Quadraro



Bobby Sands

Tiocfaldh Ár Là

The Civil Rights

Glenfada Park

Saint Patrick

The town I loved so well



The Division Gate


© Quadraro

Journal History



Artist | Professional

Hi all, I'm mixed raced
I'm a lighting designer specialized in theater (MSc in London)
director of photography (cinema)
expert on traditional photography (roller)
for almost twentyfive years
I listen Ska, Oi!, Rock, Blues, Traditional Music of all the World
the most important style of art are Life and Rebellion
Che Guevara, Subcomandante Marcos and Freedom Fighters is what inspires me


My works

Gli amanti del nuovo mondo
(Lovers of New World)
Scende lenta una preghiera...
Slow down a prayer...

by Gianni Guardigli

radio drama loosely based on the
"The Good God of Manhattan"
by Ingeborg Bachmann

Director: Imogen Kush
Lighting designer: Quadraro
Lighting assistant: Gjergj Merditaj
Assistant Director: Matthew Ziglio
Assistant Director: Marco Marrucci
Original Music: Sergio Ferrari & Andrea Mieli
Scenic Design: LAND-I
Video Project: Conrad Ianiro with ORGANIC-LAB
Video Operator: Ivan Silvestrini
Costumes: Daze
Photo: Roberta Vassallo
Press Contact: Julia Farmer
Public Relations: Elizabeth Morabito
External Relations: Andreas Kassab

Production: Theater Company Klesidra

info mail:

other works:

Tarantula's Dancing
by Larry Myers directed by Imogen Kusch…

La Ballata di Bonnie&Clyde
written and directed by Imogen Kush…

Directed by Massimiliano Bruno…

Gli Amanti del nuovo mondo (full version)…




Mar 30, 2015
3:34 pm
Mar 30, 2015
5:44 am
Mar 29, 2015
6:19 pm
Mar 29, 2015
5:55 pm
Mar 29, 2015
5:08 pm


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